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mask ontop of a laptop

Coronavirus and the Economy: Why your business needs a website now more than ever

Coronavirus is quickly becoming an epidemic. News about it is flooding social media feeds, the stock market is starting to …

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What is The Google Blacklist?

Google is the top of its class when it comes to search engines. This is due to higher standards, consistently …

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google on a tablet screen

Common SEO Mistakes

One of the biggest key factors in growing your company’s digital presence is SEO. If google can’t even find you …

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change neon sign

How to Tell if it’s Time For a Rebrand or a Website Redeisgn

It’s a nightmare scenario; you’ve been watching your traffic and sales fall and fall. You’ve thrown money at ad campaigns, …

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Typography and How It Goes Hand-in-Hand With UX Design

As someone who really loves words, I feel as if they tend to take a backseat in importance when it …

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What is Color Theory?

Believe it or not, the study of color theory and how it affects humans has only been a studied topic …

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WordPress has a ton to offer and you’ve likely done some research on it if you’ve ended up here.

Are WordPress Sites Good?

If you’re in the process of starting a business website or looking to revamp and give your current brand a …

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Clock showing slow time

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Website’s Load Times

Your website’s load times have been a lot longer than normal and you’ve noticed that people are leaving your site …

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repair center neon sign

What is Included in Our WordPress Maintenance Plans?

Running a website is a lot like managing a car: you need regular maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly …

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