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Social Media can seem overwhelming for anyone, let alone business owners. Full-time jobs revolve around the growth, data collection, and handling of social media accounts, so give yourself some credit if you’re shopping for help. Social media takes a lot of dedication and time in order to see impactful results.

Before working on your social media accounts we thoroughly research your industry, competitors, and history. We then consider the current trend of social media strategies and how to best apply them to your market for social reach, influence, and conversions. Once we have a strategy in place, we can work on targeted content and tracking analytics.

iNNOV8 can take over as your social media manager so you have more time to run your business.

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Social Media Marketing

Once you have accounts that are performing well, social media marketing comes into play. Marketing via social media helps with new product promotion and extending your online reach. We’ll help you determine your advertising budget, timeline, and push for conversions with your audience.

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Grow Your Impact, Audience, and Business

Social media can be used to let your followers and potential buyers be aware of what’s up and coming or even on sale. If no one knows about you, how can they buy your products or talk to you? Social Media allows you to interact with people who you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. You can create targeted ads around your demographics and data as well. Targeted ads on social and on Google are great ways to get new users to learn about you.

Build Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Social media is meant to work over longer periods of time. The idea is to get your brand or company seen multiple times. Eventually, someone will get curious and bite. Even better, they might have a friend or family member with a problem or need for a product and your company will come to mind. Making yourself known as a solution to a problem or need is the whole point of social media for businesses.

Engage With & Understand Your Audience

Social media allows for some pretty interesting ways to gain information on who your consumer is. Also, it can teach you how you should interact with them. In the startup days of a company, this is crucial data to building a brand. Certain Social Media platforms even allow you to see some of the information about other companies and their audience. Knowing your competition, who their consumers are, and how to best interact with those users can help a small business thrive.

Increase Traffic and Conversions

When you are posting about your events, products, or services, the number one place to find out more about your company is your website. For most companies, the point of social media is to inform first and get them to visit the site second. Again, this goes back to the idea of brand awareness. You need people to hear about you to know you have a website and offer something they might want or need.

Keep in mind to get people to visit your website, it will take an average of 7 interactions with their newsfeed. From there, the goal is to get them to visit a few times. Typically, you are not going to buy from a company the first time you visit their website. Most users will interact 3-4 times before converting.

increased traffic = increased conversions

Perfecting Your Social Media Strategy

Not sure how to build and execute a social media marketing plan? Deep breath, we got you. We will help you determine your goals, your audience, how to engage them, and how to grow online. Add on search engine optimization services to complement your digital marketing strategy. Our team is a diverse group of experts when it comes to social media, search engines, ad placement, user experience, and websites. Use the form below to let us know how we can help you today.