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The iNNOV8 Team

Stefanie Young CEO of iNNOV8

Stefanie Young


Stefanie is a front end developer who works first-hand with clients and their users to create fantastic UI/UX through interactive and responsive designs. She has taught and spoken on the subject of responsive design at local venues, coding schools, and conferences across the US. She has a serious passion for user experiences and the ability to access products and information via mobile devices. She loves educating business owners on using websites to help profit, user retention, and SEO. Also, she is a crazy avid gamer.

Lorne Barfield illustration with green shirt

Lorne Barfield


Lorne is a web developer currently residing in the great city of San Antonio. He is a UC Santa Cruz graduate and loves working with WordPress, web design and databases and is one of the few eCommerce developers in town. Past jobs include an opera singer, basketball coach, bouncer, personal chef, and bartender. In his free time, he sings blues, jazz, and oldies, plays basketball, and teaches and dances blues and swing.

Brenda Courtney of iNNOV8

Brenda Courtney


Brenda started her adventure here at innov8 as an admin assistant and soon grew into the resident Content Specialist. She handles blogs, SEO, content migration, as well as various odd tasks that are thrown her way. Basically, if words are involved she is happy to help! She loves to find new bars and restaurants around town. If she finds the free time she tries to catch up on her backlog of video games and books.

Why Us?… Cause We Work Hard!

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We understand that businesses run their branding and marketing around their budgets. We will do our best to make a software product and design within a budget’s terms from payment plans to localized discounts.

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We work our hardest to guide businesses in the right direction. There’s no point in us lying about our abilities, the state of your website or your options in any given situation. We believe what’s best for you is also best for us.

The iNNOV8 team welcomes conversations, questions and discovery meetings around website redesign, branding, website development and SEO Services for small businesses and large.


We believe communication to be the foundation of all projects. We are also here to educate you on what you are buying, what you own, and the tech involved. We’ll never leave you in the dark or feeling confused.


Local Devs

We are right in the heart of San Antonio, accessible and prompt.No third parties and no crazy long response times. We can work directly with your team and business to get the task done quickly at the highest quality.

Admin Garsc
3 months ago
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Stefanie and the whole team are wonderfully creative, and very inthe know about the ever-changing stats and guidelines for website design. We loved working with them!!!

Explore Our Work

Airrosti is just one example of the work we are capable of. If you are wanting a website with consistent design, uncomplicated user experience, and SEO friendly take a peek and tell us what you like! Check out our work and view our latest projects and designs. This is an opportunity for you to gain ideas for your next site, find out more about our clients and see some of the ways we can help you.

If you have questions about one of the projects, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

Airrosti on mobile device. Airrosti is a client of iNNOV8 Place that participated in a website rebuild and SEO Services

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