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What is Color Theory?

Believe it or not, the study of color theory and how it affects humans has only been a studied topic since about the 18th century. Color is an important part...
WordPress has a ton to offer and you’ve likely done some research on it if you’ve ended up here.

Are WordPress Sites Good?

If you’re in the process of starting a business website or looking to revamp and give your current brand a facelift, you may find yourself in a pickle with all...
Clock showing slow time

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Website’s Load Times

Your website's load times have been a lot longer than normal and you’ve noticed that people are leaving your site in the dust or just not visiting at all. Why...
repair center neon sign

What is Included in Our WordPress Maintenance Plans?

Running a website is a lot like managing a car: you need regular maintenance to make sure it runs smoothly and doesn’t break down. Sometimes that regular maintenance can be...

How To Use WordPress When You Aren’t Tech Savvy

Building a new website can be a harrowing experience for people who don't have any expertise coding. WordPress creates an easier experience in building a website for beginners. The platform...
Two blog writers planning content

Why Hiring A Blog Writer Is Important

To build a successful website you need to always be publishing new content. Stagnant websites look bad in both the eyes of users and search engines. If a website hasn’t...

How Images Can Improve Your Site’s SEO

It’s no secret that a website needs to have images. If your website isn’t using images at all please take look at your life and make some changes. Images add...
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How to Keep SEO During a Website Migration

Imagine this: after five years of building up brand awareness, keywords, and climbing up from the pits of Google to get to the top three ranking positions, you realize you...
people reacting to reponsive web design

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does Your Site Need it?

It could happen to anyone. In fact, it happened to me this morning. I saw a link on Facebook and went, oh I should check out this website. Then BAM!...