How to Tell if it’s Time For a Rebrand or a Website Redeisgn

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It’s a nightmare scenario; you’ve been watching your traffic and sales fall and fall. You’ve thrown money at ad campaigns, marketing companies, and more but nothing seems to stick. You check out your competitors and realize that they are not having the same problem. Now the realization has sunken in, you are going to need to make major changes in order to stay afloat. But, how can you tell if it’s time for a full rebrand or a website redesign? 

First, let’s define the differences between the two.

What Is A Business Rebrand? 

When a business rebrands itself the main goal here is to change the entire way the company presents itself to the public. This change is reflected in all aspects of the company, not just on the website. This can change the overall design, messaging, company name, and much more. Rebranding your company is a lot like moving to a new city and going by a new name.


What Does it Mean to Redesign a Website? 

Back in the day, it used to be that a website needed both a desktop and a mobile version. Now it’s standard for a website to be mobile responsive. When you redesign your website it’s more than likely to keep up with current website trends. This happens a lot more often than a rebrand, so expect to do this every few years. A redesign won’t change everything about the company and only reflect as far as web presence goes. When you redesign your website you don’t have to reflect on your company values. 

When to Consider a Rebrand

These aren’t exactly red flags but they are signs that it might be the right time to give your company a full refresh. Here are just some of the signs to look out for.

  • Have your products or services drastically changed since you started your business? 
  • Has your target audience changed? 
  • Has your current brand fallen behind from market trends? 
  • Is your messaging inconsistent or unclear?
  • Is your audience having a hard time understanding what you do? 
  • Has the current brand become more of a liability and not an asset? 

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of these, then it’s time to consider the steps it takes to rebrand. An example of this would be if you started your company with one service, let’s say dog walking. But as the years have gone on, you’ve introduced pet grooming and long term pet sitting as major services. But, if your brand doesn’t reflect all aspects of your company, competitors and your audience will still only see your company as a dog walking service. 

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When You Need to Redesign Your Website

We’ve discussed knowing when you need to redesign or rebuild your website before but it’s important to know the differences in signs when you just need a redesign and not a total overhaul of your company. Here are your signs it’s time to redesign your website. 

  • Has it been longer than three years since the last redesign? 
  • Are you often hearing complaints about the website? 
  • Are your bounce rates increasing and traffic decreasing? 
  • Is your website not mobile responsive? 
  • Is your site slow to load? 
  • Are users having a hard time navigating your website? 

Again, if you’ve answered yes to two or more of these questions it’s time for that redesign! If we go back to the example of how websites moved from having two versions to one, someone that still has both is in need of a redesign. Not only does this tick the yes for not being mobile responsive this also tells us that it’s been a long time since the previous redesign. It wouldn’t be much of a jump to assume that our imaginary website had suffered in decreased traffic from mobile users. Once you’ve hit one marker of needed to redesign a website, it’s a slippery slope towards the rest. 

Website Redesign is something that we are masters at here at iNNOV8, don’t believe me? Check out our portfolio!

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A Tip For Succeeding in Both 

This might come as a shock but seek out new perspectives from colleagues! You might be so close to your company that you can’t envision any sort of drastic change when one is called for. New eyes will be able to see the company in a different light or maybe someone on the team is more up to date with web standards. It’s important to involve others within your company to help it grow and change. 

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Seeking Help For A Redesign? 

iNNOV8 can help! We can get you in touch with our designers and web developers to review your website and your ideas. Just reach out to us to schedule your free consultation. We also partner with a few marketing teams in case you are in need of a rebrand.