Know When to Rebuild or Redesign Your Website

Website redesign roundtable

Everyone has something that they hold on to for way longer than needed. Maybe it’s that guitar you really thought you’d learn to play. Or it could be a ratty old shirt that you claim is lucky. Either way, sometimes you just can’t see, or ignore, all the signs that something needs to go or change. The last thing you want to ignore is your website. Knowing when it’s time to redesign or rebuild your website is something crucial in today’s modern world. Some might see either as a costly thing but the loss in traffic will hurt you more than you think. Here are a couple of signs it’s time welcome a new website or spruce up your current one. 

When to Rebuild

One of the biggest signs that you need to rebuild is just having a broken website. It’s that plain and simple. Be on the lookout for broken links, slow load times, and layouts that don’t work with current browsers. If your links end up on dead pages or just don’t do anything your users aren’t getting the information they need from you. If your website isn’t loading fast enough users are going to back out as soon as possible to move on to a faster option. Same goes for websites that don’t work with up to date browsers. With so many options users aren’t going to spend the time trying to get your website to work. Rebuilding your website and making sure it’s up to date with browsers and functions on mobile devices is the only solution.

There are good signs that point towards rebuilding a website! If your company has a large growth over a small time, you’ll need to rebuild to meet the larger demands. Your startup website might not have had e-commerce built into it but now you need to start selling to a wider market. As your company grows so will your web presence so rebuilding to prepare for that growth is a great lesson in foresight. Much like moving from a cheap one bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom home, growth is something that should be celebrated. And no contained to somewhere that it won’t fit.

Storyboard for rebuilding a website

When to Redesign

If your company is going through a rebranding it’s important that your website is going to reflect those changes. Redesigning your website is just as important and making sure it’s in working order. If your website looks like a something pulled out of a time capsule users will think the same about your company. Something that’s outdated and won’t meet their needs. Keeping the design fresh and current will help your permanence with the changing world.

User experience makes or breaks any website. If it’s tough to navigate your website that experience isn’t going to be a good one. If the layout of your website is messy and unorganized any information on the site is gone to that mess. Users should be able to find what they need from you without having to become an internet Sherlock Holmes. When thinking of a redesign it’s important to think of what goal you want your website to accomplish. It’s also important to think of what actions you want your users to do while on your website.

In all change is good, you should always welcome change. So changing and evolving your website will continue to help you grow as a business. It’s important to be adaptive and flexible in a world when things are changing all the time. Not only will this look good to your users but your company will always benefit from a relevant website.

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