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Site Audits – What You Can Learn From Them

We run into a common problem where clients consider their website to be a digital billboard. Something that they set and forget about and simply assume that it’s going to...
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What is Competitor Analysis and how it helps SEO

Even if your business or company serves a niche market, there is a high chance that others are too. This is even more of a well-known problem once you move...
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Why Are Websites So Expensive

If you have ever tried to build your own website you know how quickly things can start to add up. Making what seemed like an easier purchase so something harder...
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Things You’ve Noticed About Your Website Since The Pandemic

Due to the current circumstances of the world right now you might suddenly find out that you have a lot more free time on your hands than ever before. It’s...
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Backlinking Basics: What is a Backlink?

When you’re perusing the internet and reading an article, sometimes there will be a hyperlink embedded in the text. If you aren’t familiar with tech, you may have thought these...
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Why Keyword Research is Important for Your Website

Are you using keywords effectively? Just think: unless someone clicks a direct link to your website, they likely needed to search a word or a phrase to find it. There...
Analytics and SEO - What Exactly Is SEO?

What Exactly is SEO? The Basics

Sometimes the internet seems like a magical place. You start to type something into a search bar and within seconds you get the very thing you were looking for. Yes,...
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How To Balance UI/UX and SEO

05/15/2020 - Updated Graphics The early stages of the internet and websites were very much like the old west. It was an anything-goes lawless land. Custom cursors, weird glittery fonts,...
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Why Your Website Needs Mobile Optimization

5/8/2020 - Blog post updated: Mobile statistics In a time where even a refrigerator can access the internet, it’s crucial that a website can be used universally across a family...