What Exactly is SEO? The Basics

Analytics and SEO - What Exactly Is SEO?

Sometimes the internet seems like a magical place. You start to type something into a search bar and within seconds you get the very thing you were looking for. Yes, in fact, there is a website for Apple Lovers. And no, you didn’t mean the tech company, you genuinely meant the fruit. How did the internet find what you were looking for? Well, we hate to break it to you:  the magic force behind those outcomes is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO, when utilized to its fullest, is the key to getting the right traffic to a website. It ensures that the right website can be viewed when certain keywords are used. There are two very common questions we get about SEO: how does it work and why do I need it?

How Does SEO Work?

If we break down the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” things get a little bit easier to understand. The first chunk of this is “Search Engine”. Easy.  This can be everything from Google to Bing to Yahoo. These sites create the flow of traffic for websites on the internet. They go out and scan, also referred to as “crawling”, the depths of the internet and pull information. This creates an index of the internet. So when certain terms are used, the search engine can create a ranking list of the closest possible match for your search.

So how can your site “rank” on a search engine? That’s where “Optimization” comes in. This part of SEO is made up of all of the little details that go into making sure that the Apple Lovers website I mentioned before will be visible to the people who are searching for it. These little details can be key-wording, meta descriptions, title tags, and post length, to name a few. These small details can all help, or harm, how a website appears in a search engine.

So… Why Should You Optimize?

With a basic understanding of SEO, it is easier to understand how it works. But why should you optimize? Your site might not be the only one of its kind on the internet. It’ll be important to gain as much visibility with your audience as possible.

With proper SEO in place, search engines will be able to deduct that your site is more relevant to certain searches than others. Having a higher relevance leads to being more visible which leads to more users on your site. This is called organic traffic, and is great for your site’s growth. Think of it as an ongoing cycle. Each part needs to flow into the next for it to work!

Once you understand that SEO is an important lifeblood to a website you’ll begin to know how to incorporate it into not only your content, but also your branding. Doing this will not only rank you higher above competitors but it will also establish your brand more for users. The consistency will bring trust, and with trust comes loyalty.

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May 22nd, 2020 – Blog updated. Original blog published July 27th, 2018