case study


The Client

The iNNOV8 team has been working with GARSC, a Residential Service Company in Austin,  on growing their SEO for a year. When they came to us, they were a young business, they were less than a year into the business when we started to work with them. Their main concern for SEO was how they were going to grow their visibility within search engines so that they could grow their traffic, and in turn, their business. We wanted to set them up to be successful in the eyes of search engines and start to be able to gain an edge over their competitors through organic keyword growth before they put dollars towards advertising.

First, Prioritizing On-Page SEO Optimization

Whenever we start a new client on an SEO maintenance plan, we tackle any on-page issues that could be detrimental to the site’s rankings with Google. Upon our initial site audit, we caught 32 errors that could cause the website to lose favor with search engines. Using tools from both Ahrefs and SEMrush, the site had a score of 63%, with a majority of these errors being missing meta descriptions and header hierarchy, we knew we could improve it. After a full year of being with us, we have worked hard to make constant adjustments to the site for it to stay in a range of 96 – 99%.

Maintaining healthy on-page SEO practices is one of the best ways to make sure that any site can survive both the small and large changes that search engines make throughout the year. We pride ourselves in being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to managing our client’s SEO optimization.

Garsc SEO health score 2019 vs 20202
garsc number of organic searches 2019 vs 2020

Growing Quality Traffic

When we did a year to year comparison we were able to see growth in both new users to the site as well as users coming from organic search, meaning that we were able to grow their visibility in google.

In 2019 GARSC saw 1,161 new users and in 2020 we were able to grow that by 14.38%, (1,328 total new users.) But the biggest change in traffic that the website saw was the growth in acquisition from organic search. In 2019 the number of visitors from organic search was 466 but when compared to 2020 it grew by 63.84%, the same time frame just a year later saw 730 visitors from organic search traffic.

This growth in organic search traffic translated to longer sessions from users and a reduced bounce rate because the right audience was now finding what they were looking for and GARSC has become an authoritative site in the space of handyman services in their area.

Adding More Organic Keywords

GARSC also saw growth in its organic keywords. When we first started working with them, they only had two keywords ranking in the top three positions and a total of 100 organic keywords. Now, they have 11 keywords ranking in the top three results and a total of 297 keywords.

We were able to accomplish this by two methods. Technical SEO was our first step, we spent time re-writing SEO titles, adding meta descriptions, and adjusting the content for keyword density. Once the on-page SEO was in place, we helped GARSC come up with a blog strategy to help further current keywords as well as obtain relevant keywords that wouldn’t fit naturally in their web copy.

Garsc number of oragnic keywords 2019 vs 2020


As a growing company, GARSC can continue to see ongoing growth with these practices in place. As time goes on we will focus on gaining backlinks for them so they can further grow their domain authority and their presence in search engines.

If you are a young company looking to grow your business’ SEO, schedule a free consultation below.