Why Are Websites So Expensive

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If you have ever tried to build your own website you know how quickly things can start to add up. Making what seemed like an easier purchase so something harder to stomach. Often in avoidance of the higher price tag, people tend to go the cheaper route. We see so many clients trying to make a comeback after money lost on a poorly built website, incomplete contracts, or dropped communication.

We’re here to break down why working with a development and/or marketing firm to build your website is more expensive. We will also cover what to expect from this investment towards your business. That being said, most of what we are covering everything for small to midsize businesses. Below are examples of “sprints” or parts of a website project in their typical order. If you would like a consultation after reading these steps, schedule your appointment here.

Professional Planning

Planning is a VERY important part of building a successful website. There are likely specific functions that you want to happen within your website. Functions could be anything from contact forms, login portals, and account creation.

Developers, designers, and content creators need to understand what you would like your future users to do. Then, what those outcomes need to lead users to. Developers and designers will take the time to fully understand how your website will interact with your users. This leads to the creation of a user story to help understand the story of their interaction. The planning sprint will also set a timeline for both you and your team. It’s key to keep all parts of the project on track.

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Professional Design

This is where working with a development firm makes a huge difference compared to purchasing a template or hiring a freelancer. Design is also a big piece of understanding of why websites are expensive.

Designers and content creators are trained in user interactions, designing for Google algorithms, and planning around different devices looking at your phone. Responsive design is a huge expectation nowadays a site without it won’t be as successful as you hope. Learn more about responsive design and why your website needs it.

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Another perk of professional design is the assets that your company gains. This could be logos and imagery that can be used on slide desks or pamphlets. Or icons and fonts that can be used within your branding and any potential marketing. Professional Design has a huge impact on customers and their initial impression of you. Having a crisp design can also help you outperform competitors.

Professional Content / SEO

Writing your content in a way that both Google and your users can understand is what helps build a strong foundation for high performing SEO. The software involved in the research, competitor analysis, and high ranking keywording is expensive. Often these services start around $299/mo to sometimes $599/mo. Having this included in your contract through a development firm drastically decreases your cost while gaining you a huge turn around in new visitors and SEO. If you would like to learn more about search engine optimization, check out our blog here.

Aside from the research that goes into planning the content, there is the actual writing and editing. Often it can take many rounds of edits to get content just right. We know what is expected of websites via Google to help create the best possible search engine ranking and audience growth over time. Including SEO in the build of your website might seem more expensive but it’ll save you money in the long run.

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Professional Development

Here is where a development firm excels.  Your investment in a custom design, custom functionality, or even a simple but professionally built website will find long term value during the development sprint. Website developers, also known as “front end developers”, “back end developers” or “full-stack developers”, are constantly having to stay informed about the latest web standards, software language changes, and online security. Typically when the planning stage is happening, developers are taking into consideration the best way to create a solution with the cleanest and most up to date methods, keeping in mind the security of your site and how to protect your users and then how to create something long-lasting and easy to maintain.

The last thing you want to do is put a couple thousand dollars into something that is going to break 2 months down the line. The other side of creating a website is that nothing is ever set in stone. A great website is constantly adding new details, new products, or new pages to host new content. New, new, new! That’s the game with Google. You need to be able to scale your website and always be adding new content to the website. We build sites that are easy to manage on your own. You can find out more about your services here.

Long-Term Support and SEO

Nearly all professional firms offer followup services.  As the developers that built your website, it makes sense for some businesses to hire us for aftercare support and services. Most freelancers and friends aren’t going to do this, and if they do, it’s on their timeline and not yours.

Long term SEO is another item that a lot of businesses simply don’t have time to do themselves in house but benefit from greatly. Writing new content, working in new key terms, and dealing with Google’s inability to stick to one set of rules is a lot for anyone. Having someone on call to help with those tasks and help your business flourish is a huge plus.

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Websites Are Expensive But Worth It

No matter what your company or business is going to need a website to continue growing. Now with more understanding of what makes a professional website more expensive than a DIY setup we hope to help you be able to weigh each option and figure out what’s best for your needs.

If you would like to discuss your website, get a quote for your upcoming project and needs, or simply have a question, reach out to us here or schedule a consultation.