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top 10 wordpress plugins

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins That Every Site Needs

The world of WordPress plugins is vast and much like the ocean, over half of it is unexplored and full of terrifying monsters. With over 50,000 plugins available and more...
Users feels valued

How to Design a Website That Makes Users Feel Valued

We’ve all been to that one store where it feels as if you’re walking through a ghost town or it’s more of a post-apocalyptic feel. No one appears to work...
making content for people to love

How to Make Content That you and your Audience will Love in 2019

Anyone who has even glanced at any article about content is fully aware that “content is king”. So, there is no need for me to remind you that “content is...
cost of a website

Understanding The Cost Of A Website

Maybe you’ve been shopping around and looking at every option to get your website built. You’ve read through the DIY Web builder sites and checked out a few local developer’s....
lonely robot

Why isn’t Anyone Coming to Your Website

There is a certain feeling of disappointment that only comes from two things: that one childhood birthday party that no one came to and dealing with a website that is...
bounce rate analytics

What is a Bounce Rate?

So you’re clicking around google analytics because it’s a lot of fun to snoop into the gritty details of who visits your site. That’s when a number catches your eye....
questions to ask a web developer before hiring

What Questions To Ask A Web Developer Before Hiring Them?

In order for any company to succeed today, it needs a website. Are there DIY options out there? Yes, there are. However, those sites tend to not so easily customizable...
rescue mission

How to Rescue a Hostage Website

If you’re reading this it might be too late. You’ve missed all the signs of your website being taken hostage and now you’re losing sleep over this. The developer seemed...
love you

How To Make Google Love Your Website

As I write this there are only thirteen days left until, what most consider to be the most stressful holiday, Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is scrambling to buy those...