Why Hiring A Blog Writer Is Important

Two blog writers planning content

To build a successful website you need to always be publishing new content. Stagnant websites look bad in both the eyes of users and search engines. If a website hasn’t added any new information or content it appears to be outdated. This can result in losing both search ranking results and traffic. 

Blog writing is an important tool when it comes to refreshing your site’s content and remaining relevant to audiences. However, this can be a long term and on-going investment. Let’s face it, as a business owner you might not have the time to write a blog a week or even a blog a month. 

If you have been on the fence about hiring a blog writer here are some reasons that might sway you into starting that search.

Regular Blog Writing is Important 

The best reason why you need to make sure you are posting blogs regularly is that it is a sure way to increase traffic to your site. Blogs are great for sharing on social media, which can increase your audience the more that link is liked and shared across each platform. Blogs are also a great way to organically gain keywords on your site. The more results your website can turn up in the better. 

Blogs Raise Your Authority in Your Industry 

It’s pretty common that whenever you google a specific question one of the top results is a blog post. As a business owner, you know all the questions you get asked all the time. So why not answer them in a way that can benefit you over time? 

Audiences view a consistent and useful blog as something authoritative. This is also a way to become credible among audiences and search engines. As your blog gains traffic search engines will start to push it up towards the top of the results as being the most relevant to that keyword. Your website could become the go-to for any questions about your market. 

Now, let’s get into why you should hire a blog writer. 

Hiring a Blog Writer Will Free up Your Time 

It’s not a secret that writing quality content takes up time! That’s not including the ever so present danger of getting writer’s block. If you are already pressed for time during your workday it would be a good idea to delegate this task to someone else. Having someone else writing for you will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business or your website.

Although there isn’t a perfect number of how much you should post in a month, we’ve seen that sites that post consistently once or twice a week do better than sites that sporadically post. So having someone put all of their focus on maintaining that schedule will ensure that you can maximize the potential of a blog. 

Increased Content Equals Increased Keywords

Having more hands on deck for writing will help your company stay on track to meet any content goals. More writers will also equal more posts a month or even a week. If you have a blog writer writing smaller pieces you can contribute some of the heavier long-form content pieces throughout the month. If you can double the number of times you are posting a week that will also double keyword opportunities. In all honesty when it comes to keywords, the more the better. 

New Writers Bring in a Different Style of Voice

Now you may be an expert in your field but when it comes to writing for a more general audience that doesn’t always translate well. Don’t even get me started on the weird practices when it comes to writing for SEO optimization. If you have been struggling with connecting with your target audience you might need to hand over the writing to someone who might resonate with your target audience more. 

This also works if you are looking to expand or try to change your audience. If you are trying to expand into services that are for younger audiences, you might need to hire someone that understands internet meme culture. 

One last benefit of adding a different voice to your content is that it refreshes your content for your readers. We all know that super refreshing feeling of finally watching something new after binging every episode of The Office, it’s a nice pleasant change. 

You can’t hide from the fact that a blog is something that a site needs to be successful to grow your audience. But you can take steps to make it an easier process for you, especially if you aren’t the writing type. 

Are You Looking to Hire A Blog Writer? 

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