iNNOV8 Place Website Maintenance Packages


In a previous blog, we’ve mentioned how important maintaining the upkeep of your website is. Now more than ever we want to stress that having a stable and up to date website should be one of the most important things about your online business. We understand though that sometimes regular website maintenance can be too time-consuming or far too outside of your skillset. That’s where we come in! iNNOV8 Place prides ourselves on being WordPress specialists but we are excited to offer up new website management services in maintenance packages that can help anyone no matter what platform they choose.  

Here are just a few things that go into our website maintenance packages. 


Website Backups (If There Is Access To Your Host Server)

Some companies like Squarespace offer daily backups as part of their services. But if you are running on WordPress or a different platform that requires you to make a backup from your host provider, we can help you manage that. Before any changes are made to your website we make sure a backup is in place for security and peace of mind. This guarantees that we will be able to restore your website even in the worst of cases. 

Website Platform Monitoring

We know how important it is to stay up to date with the changes that any website platform may have. As a core piece of our website maintenance package, we monitor any security or large scale updates to make sure that your website is at its peak performance. As the updates roll out, there is someone paying attention and making sure that your site is up to date and not compromised. If an upcoming change or standard happens to compromise your site, we can immediately go in and fix it. This means your site won’t experience any unexpected downtime and cause a negative experience for any users trying to access your website.


We Check For Website Plugin Updates 

Something else that is included in our website maintenance package is making sure that any plugins on your website are up to date and working. Plugins will often have updates that may cause a site to experience issues that can affect UI/UX and useability.. If you are on a website maintenance plan with us, you won’t have to worry about the messy background upgrades. We take care of that for you!


We Keep Your Site Secure and Your SSL Key in Place

On top of making sure your plugins are working properly and up to date, we also monitor your website’s security. This means updating your SSL key and any security you may have added to your site while also running virus scans and firewall updates. Sometimes plugins will also have security updates that need to be addressed that are specific to their code language and type. You should sleep a little better at night knowing someone is dedicated to taking care of your site’s security.

Image Optimization

Including properly optimized images on your website will not only help your site’s SEO but also keep your website running quickly. It is incredibly important to make sure your images are optimized. This means making sure that your images are not so big that they create long load times. This can negatively impact your SEO and your UI/UX. We have written several blogs on the importance of images on your site, so you know we mean business where images are concerned.


Minor Content Changes

For those who want to be mostly hands-off, we can perform minor content changes through our website maintenance packages. Have a small blurb or image you want to add to an existing page? Maybe you need to swap an image or post a blog you had written. We can take care of that for you. 

You don’t have to wait for the monthly maintenance email, however. If you’re on a maintenance plan with us, you are able to contact us at any time to request these changes.


Are You Struggling With Keeping Up With Your Website’s Maintenance?

If all of this sounds helpful to you, don’t hesitate to contact us about a website maintenance package. We can discuss what services options work best for you during a free consultation!