4 Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

someone buying online

Have you been noticing that your eCommerce sales are falling or have been growing stagnant it’s time for you to form a strategy. While there are plenty of ways to get paid traffic to your site and ads to help promote your business and your products there are changes you can make directly to your eCommerce website to help increase sales. Here are four ways to increase eCommerce sales that won’t cost you money.

Clear and SEO Friendly Content

Having clear content not only lets customers know what they are buying it also lets search engines understand and index your website correctly. This ties you to relative keywords that can help users find you. However, if your content is unclear, sparse, and not optimized for keywords it could be the culprit for low sales.

Take time to not only rewrite your website content to give your customers a full understanding of what your business is and offers. If you sell either physical or digital products make sure you write up a description for each one. This will make the customer aware of what they are buying and know what to expect but also give you some extra SEO keyword opportunities.

Customer Testimonials to Build Trust

Everyone checks out reviews before they buy something online. If your users can’t find reviews or testimonials about your product this will automatically deter them from purchasing. There are a few ways to do this. Either you can allow for customers to post comments directly onto your site or use email campaigns to have them send you testimonials.

This customer sourced content is also an SEO secret! Reviews allow for additional keywords that might not organically fit into your website’s copy and makes it easier for your site to start ranking for niche long-tail keywords. Which in turn will increase organic traffic to your website and help boost up eCommerce sales.

Quality Images to Showcase Products

Along with product descriptions, your eCommerce website should also have photos to help customers see what they are buying. It can be hard to sell a product when a user doesn’t know what they could be paying for. Make sure you aren’t using stock or low-quality photos as these cause customers to be less trusting of your product.

So make sure you put the time and effort into creating high-quality images to really help users visualize what they are going to buy.

Mobile Optimization To Capture All eCommerce Sales

Here at iNNOV8, we will yell about mobile optimization until we lose our voice. If your website, especially your eCommerce site is not optimized for mobile you are going to be losing out on sales and sending away users. According to an article by ReadyCloud, around 2 billion people made purchases from their mobile devices. Hopefully, that gives you an insight into how much you are missing out if your online store isn’t mobile-friendly.

Make sure to extend mobile optimization to your checkout system. Nothing makes users abandon their carts faster than a difficult and confusing checkout process. If the experience is streamlined for all types of shoppers from every device, you’ll be able to increase sales.

Want More Insight On How To Improve Your eCommerce Store?

iNNOV8 Place can help by auditing your eCommerce website to help improve your store and help you start to increase your eCommerce sales. Schedule a consultation with us and get on the right foot for 2021!