Understanding The Cost Of A Website

cost of a website

Maybe you’ve been shopping around and looking at every option to get your website built. You’ve read through the DIY Web builder sites and checked out a few local developer’s. Or you just came back from a consultation with a development team and might be recovering from sticker shock after they told you the cost of the website.

If you’re not a part of the web development and design world it can be difficult to see why a website costs what it does. For now, we’ll ignore any additional cost outside of just the website. Although it is very important that you own your domain, if you need to be scared into why, go read this really quick. For now, we’ll talk about three important factors that go into deciding the cost of a website.


Build Type

Are you looking to build a completely custom website? Or would you rather use premade templates that can be customized? This aspect of your website should be something that you know before you meet with any developer. The more customization you want in the design, the higher the cost.

If you are stuck here explore ways that you can work with your web designer to find a customizable theme and look into a CMS (Content Management System) that might work for you. For those with a small business, this is a great way to start building a recognizable site and brand. Of course, we recommend WordPress for a more affordable website with a custom design, but read up before making a decision. 

Size Matters 

If you are looking for a simple five-page site for your small business you aren’t going to be looking at a larger price tag than someone who might be needed thirty pages. This portion of the price comes from the estimated amount of time it would take to build. The bigger the site the more time it’ll take to develop it.

If your page count is a little too high, revisit your content and see if you can condense separate pages into one. Fewer pages mean less cost, but too much content on a page can mean a poor experience. Work with your designer or web developer to find a balance you can afford.

Website Functionality

Now here is the biggest factor that plays into the cost of your website. Are you looking to make a brochure website that has static simple pages or do you need to build an e-commerce store? Websites that require customer databases require more development and programming than a static site. This is a lot like buying a car, the more features you want or need cause the price to go up.

You should know exactly what you need your site to do for you when it launches and how you would like your users to interact with the functions. Try to avoid thinking too far ahead if you are wary about prices. If you plan on having an online store in five years, don’t build it immediately, consider scaling into your needs.


As mentioned before there are a lot of factors that go towards deciding the cost of a website. While you’re shopping around you should prepare yourself by understanding what you need or what competitors are doing. There will always be inexpensive options available but they don’t always work for everyone. But again, much like a car, it’s a lot safer to spend a little more on something that’s going to last you a long time and be able to grow with you. If you’re tired of window shopping and want to get started on building your site, reach out to us!

If you already know what you need and are ready to go, schedule a meeting with us!