7 Reasons Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

say more with your buisness card

1.  Your website can be constantly updated. Static VS Continuous

Once a card is printed, that’s it!  It’s the finished set in stone product. Any errors or updating information is going to cost you! Business cards need to be reprinted every time they change. But your website can be constantly updated at no extra cost!  You can also keep an active audience with timely blog posts and special timely promos. Updating content will keep customers engaged in your business.

2.   Better outreach.

With business cards, you are limited to the amount you can afford to print at one time. So if you can only order a couple of hundred cards, that’s about how many chances you have to show off your brand/business. A website can be shared on so many different social media platforms and bring in a lot more visitors to your website. It will start a circle of life of sharing content!

Your website is a business card that never sleeps! It’s available 24/7 anyone can access it at any point, unlike your business card that really can only be shared in appropriate situations. Your website will work on promoting you even when you are asleep.

3.  Really show off your brand

With a business card, you have limited space to sell yourself and promote your brand. With such limited space, how can you fully represent your business? A website can really have no limits. With room for blogs, videos, FAQ, and whatever else makes up part of your business and brand. The varying content will be more engaging to customers and also give you an insight on how to better your business by their interactions.  A website is also a great way to showcase the work you’ve done, think of it as a super professional refrigerator that showcases what you do and how well you can get it done.

your online super professional refrigerator

4.  Competitive Edge

Your website will be your best bet to get a leg up on any competing companies. In this day and age customers are far more comfortable looking up and receiving information digitally. It’s a lot easier to bookmark a website on a browser than hoping to keep track of a business card in a wallet. Those things are so easily lost in pockets, purses, car cup holders, etc. It’s best to leave with something that they can’t lose.

To help better your chances that someone will visit your site over your competitors is to be able to keep track of what content your users access the most. Or what keeps bringing them back. Knowing what they are looking for and optimizing your website so they find you faster and easier than others is a great advantage.

5.  Feedback

With face-to-face interactions, there isn’t much time after your introduction to the customer to give you any feedback. Having an active comment section in blogs or a contact form will give them the chance to do that. Using customer/client feedback will really help you shape and better your business around their wants and needs. Thus ensuring that they will stay with you and promote as well.

Customer service is a very important part of any business your website will always treat your customers right, it’ll give the 110%  to your customer base that your business card cannot. You can load it up with FAQs, shipping information, or even customer testimonials.

6. Proof of who you REALLY are

Adding your social media links will really personalize you and your business,  giving you an edge over the competition. It’s easier to trust a site that allows a peek into who they are over a bland and basic option. Social media has a power of connection that a business card doesn’t, your onlines presence shows you who are and where you’ve come from. LinkedIn can show off your experience, Facebook lets them join the web of people that you know.

If you want to add some personality you can link up a Twitter or an Instagram account, sharing photos and tweets can both promote your business and give life to your brand.

7. Analytics

You really don’t know how someone is going to use your card once you hand it over. Are they going to suggest your services to someone else and pass it on, like a game of telephone. Or is it going to just end up floating around an office somewhere? It just seems like a gamble when you can view and track how people are using your website.

Analytics is an essential tool for any growing business. You can track what pages are being clicked, how long someone stays there, and even if they are sharing a link of yours onto social media. Using analytics to help streamline a visit on your website can help you guide visitors to where you want them to spend the most time. 

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