What Does Your Logo Say About Your Brand?

Someone making a logo for their brand

I was looking through the latest design trends when I fell into a rabbit hole of design and branding. I started looking at the characteristics of certain brands, their coloring, and their shape choices… AND WHAT THEY ALL MEAN!! It was like a moment of “Ah-HA!” for me – Then I started looking into my own color choices and branding… It was fun and eye-opening all at the same time. I thought I should share some of the infographics I came across.

Keep in mind, this should be fun!! Not completely literal!… at the same time some people might consider rebranding afterward.

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Here are the most used shapes and how they can add meaning to your brand and first impressions.


Shapes of Logo Design

Infographic by freelogoservices.com

Then there are ALL the colors that can set the tone and emotion that is brought forth by a brand!!

Combine your shapes with your colors and you have a start to a branding model.

Infographic by sprucerd.com


Infographic by musedesign.ca


Infographic by cjolliffe.com


Hopefully, you had some fun and learned something about what your logo portrays to the average user. Remember to leave a comment on Facebook! We’d love to hear what you discovered.

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