Why isn’t Anyone Coming to Your Website

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There is a certain feeling of disappointment that only comes from two things: that one childhood birthday party that no one came to and dealing with a website that is currently getting almost nothing in traffic. Maybe in third grade, you were rude or didn’t put effort into playing with anyone at recess? But your website… That’s something you’ve put a lot of effort into building it. However, did you put the right kind of effort in? Read through this closely and maybe you can solve the mystery of why isn’t anyone coming to your website.

Your Website Is New

Having a brand new website is a lot like finding that one cool indie band that no one knows about. It isn’t until you start talking about that band do other people find out about them. The exact same can be said for your new website – not even google knows about it.  It takes time for Google to see your site and help it rank for searches. While this is happening make sure you’re proactive! Not promoting a site is the biggest culprit to not having anyone visit your site.

Tell everyone about it! Search Engines, friends on social media, and strangers if you want.

Google also offers a few tools to help during this getting to know you process. Use Google Search Console to submit your sitemap so Google has a guide map to your site and will be aware of when you add new content. Next, add your URL to your Google Business Listing. This listing will help gain your site gain local traffic!

Your Site Is Slow

A slow website is basically a death sentence and will turn away anyone coming to your site. Just think about all of the times you’ve gotten frustrated because a website wasn’t loading quick enough. The users on your site aren’t immune to this. A slow website leads to increased bounce rates and competitors gaining traffic off it. When these two start to pile up, you lose rankings in search engines faster than your website can load them.

There could be several reasons why load times are so slow. It could be that your site is full of large images or you have a lot of extra code running in the background. Address these issues to boost your speed before you fall further behind.

You Don’t Have A Consistent Blog

You have a blog and that’s great! However, if your last post was six months ago it’s not helping your site. At the very least a blog should be updated once a month for it to generate any traffic. Topics should also go beyond just your company and what it does but for any news and information that’s relevant to your website. Secondly, search engines love consistent new content.

Another great thing that blogs can do is help you promote your site. Post all blog links to social media! Have other people start linking to your site. If you post it they will come.

Your Design Is Lacking

Now here is where it gets tricky. There could be a lot of things about the design of a website that users turn away from. Your site could be hard to navigate. So when users get to a page, they don’t know what to do from there. It could be that the design is an eyesore or doesn’t look trustworthy. Or, you didn’t pay any mind to mobile design and all of your users come to you from their phone?

Revisit your site with a critical eye to see where your design can be falling short. Visit competitor websites to see where yours might be falling short. Then, get to work on making a user-friendly design.

Your website shouldn’t become an abandoned house over time. It should be able to continue to grow along with your company. But, growth is always a long term goal. Just because you made a few changes the floodgates won’t immediately open for you. It takes a lot of time and sometimes money to help grow an audience for your site, but it is always worth it. If you are having trouble finding the root of why anyone isn’t coming to your site, reach out to us!

If you already know what you need and are ready to go, schedule a meeting with us!