Why Copywriting is Important for Your Website

Often when clients come to us in need of copywriting services we run into two different scenarios: either too much content that isn’t organized for users or google or sparse content that barely fills a page. But the problem remains the same. Their copywriting isn’t doing the work that it needs to in order for them to have a successful website. We often have to have a coming to Jesus talk and explain to them the importance that copywriting plays in the livelihood of their website. 

Here are our four biggest reasons why you should spend more time on copywriting during the building phase of your website. 


Copywriting is Your Bread and Butter When it Comes to SEO 

SEO is content and content is copywriting. Having thoroughly thought out and well written copy that’s SEO keyword friendly will help rank you up with Google and other search engines. However, the struggle of balancing marketing with SEO comes up very early on during the writing process. Naturally we want to write in a way that is boastful or sells our company or products. Unfortunately, following this route all the way leads to search engines not truly understanding what your website is about and won’t match you to relevant keywords. This causes a loss in traffic, you spending too much on ads, and competitors to gain a big lead on you. 

That being said it isn’t impossible to also create marketing friendly copy at the same time. It’s possible with the right planning done ahead of time. Finding focus keywords and phrases as a foundation allows you to build up and support those words in a way that help form your identity. Which brings us to our next point:


A Way to Create Your Brand’s Voice

Straying away generic statements and sparse content on pages can really help your users form an idea of who you are and what you can provide for them. Fleshing out your content is a great way to answer any questions your users may have before they reach out to contact you. When you plan out your desired keywords you will be able to create organic and engaging copy that will speak for you and your brand.  


Properly Written Copy Directs Users Where You Want Them 

Knowing what you want your users to do when they go to your website is something that needs to be considered during the writing process. While you copy can be informative and answer all possible questions if there isn’t any direction for what a user should do you are missing out on a very powerful tool. When you write in both an informative and directive way you are able to guide each user to what you need or want the theme to do. 


Go Forth and Utilize Your Copy

There are still many facets of what your web copy can do for you, these are the four main tools to use to make sure you are getting your content to work for you. Copywriting takes time, planning, and editing so be prepared to work. But once you get that work you can rake in the rewards! 


Needing Copywriting Assistance?

That is one of our specialties! We combine the user experience with the expectations of Google through SEO to give you the best outcomes through copy. If you are needing help, reach out to us on our contact page or schedule a consultation with us.