What People Want to See on Your Website

What people want to see on your website

With so many websites already fighting for attention how can you be sure that your company is going to get the traffic it deserves? There are a handful of things that people want to see when they land on a webpage. If you utilize these you can turn their attention more onto your company and less on your competitors.


You’d be surprised when we say this, but a lot of websites are missing personality. It’s more common to come across a site that has a sterile feel to it. As if they are trying to imitate a larger competitor. But, for smaller businesses, showing their personality is the biggest advantage they have. Personality is something that can be reflected in the content throughout your website. Discovering your company’s personality will also solidify the brand. A company’s brand is what will help drive content and in turn will help show off personality.
The easiest space to create this can be an about us section. Somewhere that you can really sell your company. In this you can have the history of how the company was founded, staff bios, or just how your company is unique. This section adds a face to visitors allowing for them to feel more connected to your company.

Products and Services

Another thing to make sure that your site has is clarity on what products/ services you offer. Visitors should be able to figure that out what your company does without having to navigate outside of your homepage. Having a “Call To Action” on the homepage that leads to a dedicated landing page or store is a fantastic option. You should be looking to make users navigate outside of the homepage for these sorts of details. Not only will this help with navigation and page views, but it will lead to some great SEO potential.


Before anyone commits to a purchase they always want to be able to validate their decision. It’s very common for someone to have the option to scroll through reviews until they feel at ease with using a new product or service. If your website lacks the reasons why a potential customer should trust your company, you could be missing out on a lot of business potential. Giving room for a reviews or testimonials section on your website is like making room for references on a job resume. To a new customer this is proof of your legitimacy.
Another way to help with this is allowing a medium for customers to provide feedback. Think about having a live review section if you offer products.

Call to Action

Just like knowing where to go to look for products, visitors want to be able to have clear paths to actions they want to accomplish. No one wants a run around if they are trying to order or apply to be part of your team. Clear navigation is something that should be the goal of any website during it’s design phase. There are a couple of different ways to go about this but having eye catching buttons is one of the better options.

Making These Changes

If you think about it too hard it seems like adding these elements can feel overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we see these issues all the time, and have an eye for improvement. If your current website is lacking in one, or many, of these things it doesn’t mean there is cause to scrap your entire website and build a new one. Since we specialize in website design and development, this is something we could help you navigate and implement on an already established site. Sometimes it’s better to build on what you have than to start fresh. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started down the right path!

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