Three Core Types of Social Media Posts

Three Core Types of Social Media Posts

By 2021 savvy business owners know that social media is a very important part of their marketing efforts. While there are many ways one can strategize their social media presence and posting, we want to give a quick overview of three core types of social media posts for those who are either just growing their online presence or are struggling to maintain their channels.


Video content is everywhere! In a past survey in 2020, it was discovered that over 27% of internet users spend more than 10 hours watching videos in a week. This means that companies have a LOT of potential to grow and reach audiences of all types. Video social media posts are the best tool for community engagement as they are twice more likely to be shared by users.

The best social media apps to post videos

While you can find videos on almost every platform, the best bet to get the most views and interactions is to post on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. All three channels offer different ways to post videos so you can provide a mix of content types to keep things fresh. These types of social media posts are great to stay on top of what’s trending online.

Types of video content

It’s important to keep users interested and engaged with your content so you will need to not just make the same video every time. Here are some ideas!

  • Tutorials
  • Q&A series
  • Live videos
  • Product demos
  • Announcements

Types of Vidoes

Don’t forget the secret weapon of video content, it can be repurposed into text posts!


No one can resist an image of a cute animal on their feed. Image social media posts give your audiences access to instant appreciation and a lightning-fast impact of your brand. Most people would rather see an image than a long text post explaining who you are as a brand. Allow an image to create the impact you need without having to fight against an attention span. Image posts give a great choice for your users to create content for you! If you allow your audience to take your business in a photo this can extend your reach!

image posts meme

The best social media apps to post images

Instagram is the best platform for pictures but both mobile and desktop devices are always increasing their ability to take and view photos you can post images on all platforms to increase their visibility.

Types of images

Need some inspiration for what sort of image you should post? Here are some of our favorite post types.

  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Gifs
  • Collages
  • Product images


Text social media posts are the tried and true content that will remain relevant for decades to come. Even if videos and images offer instant information there is still a need for more detailed information. Text posts develop your brand tone and voice. Posts like these are perfect to show off your companies knowledge and expertise in the field. Don’t forget written content makes up a bulk of your keywords.

The best social media apps to post written content

Reddit, Twitter, and Linkedin are the three best apps to post written content on. However, you can cross-promote written content with images and videos that you post on other apps to increase both engagement and reach.

Types of written content

Have a bit of writer’s block? Here are some text-based posts you can make.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Reviews
  • Ebooks

Go forth and post!

These three core types of social media posts can build a strong foundation for your strategy. If you are wanting to take your social media further reach out to iNNOV8 and start a deep dive into your audience and what they want to see.

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