The 12 Zodiac Signs as Websites

There are some very distinctive traits and features that come to mind when we think about specific websites. It wasn’t hard to translate those traits to each astrological sign.

Aries: Landing Page

A landing page website is always done with a single direct task in mind. Landing pages are always built as an announcement piece or a large targeted marketing campaign. This style of website very much reminds us of the always honest and direct Aries. Another similar trait between the two is competitiveness. Both have a strong desire to prove themselves while being ambitious. Unfortunately both share the trait of being impatient, Aries are by default always on the move and on their own time. While those who watch the analytics of a landing page want traffic the second the page goes live. Please Aries, we are begging you to take a step back, a breath, and remember that the world doesn’t run on your timeline.

Taurus: Business Websites

We really do love the diligent and stable Taurus much like we love a well designed and prominent business website. The end goal of creating a business website is something that is dependable and won’t fail under pressure. When you make a business you want it to go on forever which is very reflective of our Taurus friends. However, both are very set in their ways and content with how things are once they have been settled. This can lead to rude awakenings to both when they are faced with needing to make changes (or updates) to ensure their continued success. So remember bulls, sometimes you have to get out of the mud you are comfortably resting in to make sure you can continue to enjoy the material success you so crave.

Gemini: Social Media Website

Gemini’s love to be a part of large social circles. They are versatile and quick to adapt which leads them to be the social media websites of the 12 signs. Social media websites are hubs for everything and everyone. There is something for everyone and their personalities, which is what the Gemini is great at, matching the energy of the room. Both are great communicators. Let’s all be honest with each other, we hear about everything from social media and it’s also the easiest way to talk to our friends and family. Social media websites constantly have to question and filter their emotions, which is something that Geminis suffer from. Both have an image they need to to maintain and can’t be misconstrued. Social media sites and Geminis often need to take a look inward and have a look at what they built around themselves and if it matches their needs.

Cancer: Blog Websites

Ah yes, the traditional blog website. A realm that is ruled by the writer’s desires and feelings, just like how cancers feel everything. The key to a successful blog is consistency which is something that the homebody Cancer looks for. Blog websites will post at the same time every week to ensure traffic while Cancers keep their same routine because they like to know what’s going to happen. Traditions thrive with both blogs and Cancers. The astrological sign loves the similarity of doing things the same way their grandparents did while blog sites work hard to keep and share traditions with users. Both readily reveal themselves, have a tendency to overshare, and have difficulty keeping masks on for others. For a blog website, this is great, users will instantly know if they found what they are looking for. The same can’t be said for Cancers where this trait IRL can be intimidating.

Leo: Personal Website

This one should make sense without any explanation. Yes? Okay moving on. Just kidding, personal websites are often used in place of resumes where the creator puts themself in their best light. This rings so true for Leos who are the most confident and theatrical of the signs. We wouldn’t be surprised if there are Leos out there who have a personal website. Designs for personal websites match the Leo nature to a T. Personal websites are designed to be captivating and eye-catching, which is the main goal for Leos every day of their life. Both are full of ambition which can both help and hurt in either environment. Being too much on a website or in person can come across as overbearing and hard to interact with.

Libra: Membership Websites

The core ideal of a membership website is to create a collection of people that act as a tight knit collective and community. This is the ideal world for Libras as they are all about being a part of things and being a solution for everyone they know. Membership websites offer a very specific service for users that they can’t get anywhere else, these websites meet immediate needs for people. This is entirely reflective of the always empathic Libra. Both of these struggle with finding self identity as they are always trying to mirror those around them in order to serve them. Membership websites will undergo many changes in order to always retain and please their users while Libras will stumble over what parts of their personality are their true self and what is someone else.

Virgo: E-Commerce Websites

When we think of all of the best qualities of a successful E-commerce website, we land on the smart and organized Virgo. Every E-commerce website is made up of a perfectly fine tuned environment. Both create perfectionist environments where everything has its place, regardless if it seems to be a total mess to outsiders. Both are intelligent and great at finding patterns, looking at your suggested items for my cart feature. Virgos get joy from being useful and productive, which is the entire purpose of an E-commerce website. When either aren’t fulfilling their roles, both are in utter turmoil. Both are obsessed with their own image of perfection and will work tirelessly to keep it up all the while ignoring themselves and those around them.

Scorpio: Web Portals

When we think of infinite complexity we first think of web portals and then of Scorpios. Web portals are some of the trickier websites to build as they involve a lot more complicated programming and design in order for them to work. This is exactly how one feels when trying to navigate a relationship with a Scorpio. This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth building a web portal or befriending a Scorpio. Being so perceptive and analytical of how people are, both can respond to shifts in others with a breakneck precision. There is a reason that web portals are so secure and exclusive, those working on them are always ten steps ahead of their users in order to remain functioning. Scorpios act the same but that’s because they enjoy the power.

Sagittarius: Video Streaming Websites

What is a more perfect pairing than a website that can offer the world at user’s fingertips to a sign that treats the world around them as their playground. Video streaming websites are always seeking new content to offer the Sagittarius explores the unknown with an unmatched vigior. Both are always looking for the next great breakthrough and want to be a trailblazer in whatever they do. Video streaming websites have changed the landscape of subscription based web applications which is the true strength of a Sagittarius. Unfortunately, this leap-before-you-look nature and being constantly on the move between projects can lead to many being unfinished or all together abandoned before they get off the ground. It might be hard for either to focus and find their path but when they do, there is no going back.

Capricorn: Portfolio Website

At the core of every portfolio website and Capricorn is the need to be respected for the hard work that they do. Though neither indulge in attention seeking behavior they do seek validation in ways that prove their capabilities. They are the opposite side of Leos and Personal Websites. Where one seeks to captivate and enthrall, portfolio websites are crisp and clean while proving to users that this company is good at what they do.

Being workaholics Capricorns are the embodiment of a portfolio website which lives to showcase and sell the work of a company. The design of the website is often minimal and borderline perfectionist, which is reflective of a Capricorn’s true nature. Both have a constant drive to succeed while fearing failure. While seeking to be entirely self-sufficient they tend to push themselves and others to the limit.

Aquarius: News Media Website

Often when one thinks of the Aquarius they think of someone who is whacky and out of the ordinary. While this may be true, this sign is also highly intelligent and flourishes when they are helping humanity as a whole and not just one person. Which leaves us to connect them to news media websites. When you think about it, an Aquarius can fill each and every type of new media that is out there. From practical to weird news media sites and the aquarius are sources of information because they love being intriguing. The most toxic trait of both is how they can isolate themselves from others. Aquarius often thinks of themselves as the black sheep and tends to make it a self prophecy. Whereas news sites can place themselves in a niche if they are not careful. Both struggle to fill the gap between their ideals and the needs of those around them.

Pisces: Community Forum Website

Pisces can be hard to pin down because their behavior changes depending on who they are around. This leads them to be the Community Forum website of the signs as they are also ruled by their own feelings and opinions without any hard evidence. They feel what they feel and that’s the end of that. Many argue the intelligence behind both but what they don’t see is that both work hard to understand and tie together the real and imaginary. Forum websites give a voice to thousands of users at a time which works similarly to how a pisces brain works, always ebbing and flowing and somewhat airheaded. But this is because they have a lot going on inside, neither are self absorbed but just absorbed in themselves. Both often are the root of their own turmoil whether they like it or not.