South Texas Recovery Foundation


A Simple and Clean Recovery Website

South Texas Recovery Foundation exist to tear down the strongholds of substance use disorder and transform lives through counseling, education and long-term support. With this being a new website, we wanted to showcase this new company and help educate those who might be looking for help for themselves or a loved one without added judgement. 

A New Website. A Fresh Start. 

When STXRF reached out to us they had a simple printed brochure to work from. Our design and SEO specialist got to work creating new assets and content. Brenda, SEO specialist and content guru, worked directly with STXRF to write, edit, and optimize new content for the pages and the program. She also researched keywording and and options for titling that would help with discoverability given the website has nevercbeen indexed with Google. 

Josh, our designer, was quick to find imagery and fonts that brought the brand and content to life. He worked in scenery and wildlife that not only showcased the lifestyle and recovery settings, but also told a story. He was able to brand and outline the program in an easy to navigate way. The use of colors throughout the website keep it fresh and interesting for users. 

Expanding this New Website

With any new company there always needs to be room to grow and change. The website’s interfacing needed to easy to use on the backend as the STXRF team would be adding pages in the future and expanding on the content and program as time went on. We understood that their budget didn’t afford continuing upkeep through out team. Autonomy and ease of use for the admins was necessary for the company to move forward. 

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What Our Clients Say

Lorne and Stefanie are an absolutely amazing combo. Their professionalism, timeliness, responsiveness, and organization made it super easy to get my new website up. I doubt you will get a better price quote and more down to earth team. If you are thinking about redoing your website...iNNOV8 is the place to be!!!

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