Revamping A Trusted Information Hub

For the last 15 years, BioMedSA has been an information and resource hub for those involved with San Antonio’s Bioscience industries. Unfortunately, their site’s design wasn’t up to modern standards nor was it helping to organize all of the information they provided to the community. One other thing we noticed was that there wasn’t a lot of content on their website. This was really impeding their ability to rank for targeted keywords. So, we made a plan to completely redo their design and flesh out their content.

BioMedSA Homepage new

Becoming a Resource

With the new design, we wanted it to be reflective of the cutting edge and modern technology that they help facilitate as well as keeping all of their resources organized and easy to find. We created a searchable database to help users navigate through and find what exactly they are looking for. The database and resources also offered incentive for companies and individuals to signup for the annual membership.

We also worked on a new way to post events, news and updates to the site that could be public facing with the option to have hidden events for members only. This helped to promote their membership further while increasing purposeful social media posting and network attendance. 

Branding and Website Content

While modernizing the design we also created a new logo for BioMedSa. With this new logo they can start to really build up a brand identity beyond their name with a new icon and colors. We helped to create assets that could be used in their marketing, print and media outreach as they built out more content to share with the community.

In order to help expand their content, we did heavy keyword research and competitor analysis to find keywords that could bring them more traffic than before. With a clear direction and some SEO focused editing in mind, BioMedSA’s new site has content that should do a lot more for than before for search results and keyword growth.

Continuing the Trend 

Innov8 isn’t done with BioMedSa just yet! We still work closely with them as they have plans to expand their website to offer more for their users. We are excited to continue to work with them and in part help build the life sciences community in San Antonio.

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What Our Clients Say

Lorne and Stefanie are an absolutely amazing combo. Their professionalism, timeliness, responsiveness, and organization made it super easy to get my new website up. I doubt you will get a better price quote and more down to earth team. If you are thinking about redoing your website...iNNOV8 is the place to be!!!

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