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Medical websites mean a lot to the people that run them and go to them for help. To quote Airrosti’s about page, “Airrosti providers help diagnose and treat most common musculoskeletal and joint conditions, including pain in the neck, back, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, and feet.” In short they are all about pain relief, so our team was happy to relieve their digital pain points.

Keeping Medical Website Users in Mind

If you have ever been in pain and looking for relief, you don’t have the patience to look through an 150+ page medical website. Users want the content on the website as straightforward and easy to find as possible. By reorganizing and streamlining the content we made finding a provider near by as easy and accessible as possible. Over time, we noticed that creating easy to find and use content with searchable database, also helped SEO significantly. 

Working on SEO

We worked with the Airrosti team to help them translate internal dialogs, jargon, medical practices, and procedures into commonly searched keywords. The goal was for them to keep their branding and culture while still considering how people would find them on the internet and then navigate a large medical website. They had fun educational videos and blogs but the terms they use are not universally known. So, we worked through the content to help them improve their discoverability via Google and other search engines. 

Considering Growth and Management For A Medical Website

Airrosti has a large internal team and needed the technical autonomy to not only add pages and content on their own, but upkeep and market it. We made the interfacing of the backend user friendly for the admins and marketing team. While we still maintain and help with the website, they are still able to do 95% of the changes if they wanted or needed. 

They also work internally on their SEO and ad placements while also upkeeping their list of locations and providers. It was absolutely necessary for their team to be able to manage the website’s content. 

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What Our Clients Say

Lorne and Stefanie are an absolutely amazing combo. Their professionalism, timeliness, responsiveness, and organization made it super easy to get my new website up. I doubt you will get a better price quote and more down to earth team. If you are thinking about redoing your website...iNNOV8 is the place to be!!!

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