Finding Your Branding

Designing the branding

First things first – Find Consistency in Branding:

Decide on a consistent branding and messaging.

-Branding will give you the look and feel of your company and in the long run, the guidelines for the site, app, and your design standards.

-Messaging will bring on those much-needed keywords that will be used for SEO, Social Media, and Audience building.

Branding is not just about your digital content – it’s also about print. Regardless if it’s IRL or online, you want to be able to leave an impression in as many ways as possible. You want something that is going to stick out and with your audience.

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Once you have branding and marketing in place:

You can begin working through your ideal digital design and application changes.

You should learn your user stories and the many expected outcomes.

At this point, now it should be more of a verification that you don’t need to change the functionality or navigation of your site… (But this would be an example of a user story in action.) You might find you may or may not need to make changes. But, keep in mind it’s a big part of your branding! Since the user story is just exactly that, a story!

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Then you can get down to the nitty gritty of the design for the application. Here you can see how a consistent look with the same sized images, fonts, buttons, and navigation work together to build the brand.

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Once the application is consistent and finalized:

Once the application is completed, you should begin showcasing it ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE!!

Your website
Social media
Marketing Campaigns

These are great examples of showcasing:


Once the design is in place it’s time for us to start the building process!!

And then finally, the A/B testing can begin – that is also something to take up with marketing professionals. They usually have a keen eye for how to change the design and messaging for those tasks.

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