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WordPress Developers & Experts

At iNNOV8 Place, everything ‘WordPress’ is our forte. We offer WordPress theme customization that is tailored to your business needs while keeping design and function in mind.

We love developing WordPress themes and modifying those currently on the market. This means we can design a theme which is precisely customized to your needs while saving you money. Let us transform your online business image by leveraging the best tools and technologies available within the WordPress community!

WordPress Services

Web Presence & Audience

Building an online audience is time-consuming and usually, our clients come to own a new site without much knowledge on gaining customers or visitors. We can give you the start you need and guide you in the right directions.

We know SEO is a huge buzz word in the online world and important to the outcome of your business, new or old. Simply cleaning up your site, the content, and working on your SEO can increase your reach significantly!

Design & Branding Consulting

Organizing and creating a user experience that is simple, informative and intuitive can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help!

Many of our clients come to us with sites cluttered with text and poorly placed graphics and other visuals. The typical mindset behind this is, “If we don’t know what to say, let’s say it all!”

We love when business owners have more than enough to say about their product or services! Let us help you retain your visitors and help you decide how to present your brand and your offerings in a simple and consistent manner without the wall of text!

WordPress Maintenance

Theme and Content Maintenance

Maintenance is a must have! We know it can be time-consuming and a daunting task, but we’re here for you.

Whether you need content updates made, visuals swapped around or theming updated, we can do it! We offer an hourly option to get your content up or a maintenance contract to keep the cost down and the site up!