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Looking for new ways to interact with your customers or expand the functionality of your website? Need to add a store or integrate an API like Salesforce or Hubspot? Want to create a members only space for your content? We are experts at taking your website to the next level.

What are custom website solutions?

Custom web solutions are interactive web applications though they can also refer to integrations with other software, such as CRMs and various other APIs. Some of the most common requests we have are for e-commerce integrations such as, adding a store or a membership platform to a website.

Our skilled team can also create custom directories or custom calculators that help our clients better connect with their customers needs. We are experts in creating solutions for YOUR specific business needs.


Ready to sell online? We can help you set up an online store or a paywall for protected content such as a blog, hidden pages, courses, and more. This custom web solution is the most common and there are a lot of prebuilt software to create a simple online store. What makes us different is our ability to customize this software to match your branding and utilize all of the features that you need. We take the time to train you on it so that you feel confident managing your website. Some of the customizations we handle are:
  • Branding checkout and account pages to make your store unique
  • Setting up your payment portal, shipping, taxes, etc.
  • Creating coupons, discounts and deals for various times
  • Managing your content by hiding/showing content to certain users
  • Tailoring the automated emails to communicate your message
  • And more...

API Integrations

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way you can offer new tools and services by allowing your website to interact with an external service. Google Maps and online checkout processes are some examples of APIs. Whatever your API needs, we are proficient at integrating them into your website. 

We have helped clients with the following examples:

  • Google Maps to geocode lawyers addresses in a directory to display the closest attorneys to the user
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to display client posts as well as posts with certain hashtags directly on the website
  • Twilio to send text messages with special downloads after filling out a form
  • FedEx, USPS, and UPS to populate shipping costs and labels
  • YouTube to display hidden videos and playlists only on the website
  • Amazon S3 to store, fetch and receive files from the S3 buckets for display and download on the website
  • Salesforce to automatically start a case when the customer fills out a contact form
  • Stripe to accept payments on an online store
  • SmartyStreets to autofill and validate address data prior to submission on a form
  • Mailchimp and Constant Contact to funnel users into a newsletter setup

Custom Web Applications / Databases

Custom Web Applications and Custom Databases are our ‘catch-all’ for further website functionality and features. While these are generally recognized as plugins, we can build and design a custom plugin or custom function within your website to improve your customer experience. We also create databases through the Toolset plugin for custom individual pages that can work as a directory for Employees, Lawyers, Locations, or Companies. These make managing your website much easier and reduce the level of duplication. 

We have helped our clients with the following:

  • A database of teachers for schools to contact about potential jobs.
  • An application to help cat owners find their lost cat by answering a questionnaire and outputting a tailored request game
  • A custom directory for Providers and Locations on a medical assistance website
  • A directory of Lawyers that syncs with an outside application to ensure information is always up to date.
  • A custom calculator application to show property owners their estimated ROE
  • A quote generating ordering platform for a bulk pharmaceutical company


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