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RedSquared Consulting’s entire approach revolves around customer experience. As such, we tailored our approach to them and their needs. RedSquared is a consulting firm with spirit and passion. They are forward-thinking and ardent about lifting their clients up to their full potential. They use their own experiences and expertise in financing, anthropology, and ethnography, to help their clients in understanding and empathizing with the customer perspective. 

Designing A UI/UX Friendly Website

It was immediately clear to us that the team was focused on communication when RedSquared initially came to us with their website build. Their site was word-heavy which is difficult for search engines to crawl and take in such a dense amount of information. Not only does heavy content impede search engines, but it also creates a difficult user experience. Users will become disenchanted and give up on their search when there is too much information to sift through. 

Our partner Toolbox Studios took the content, revamped it, and created a new strategy for getting information into the hands of users within a phenomenal design. Toolbox created a concept for RedSqaured that took their brand and services to a whole new level.

Adding Authority

We had to build RedSquared’s site from the ground up since it was brand new. To create authority through search engines, we built a website that worked with their strengths and not against them. First, we curated and organized their content. This optimized it for new keywords and enhanced user experience.  Second, we added in accordion menus and worked on streamlining the content. Adding these elements created a beautiful, bold look for an equally exciting company. 

Creating Positive SEO Growth

With RedSquared being a fresh build it is bound to take some time to gain authority for keywords with search engines. Through SEO maintenance we have been able to address on-page SEO errors to better help with content optimization. By matching the site to Google’s high standards and our previous content organization, it was not long before their website began to show up in rankings for Google.

After only four months, RedSquared had seen a return on their investment. Even today their growth continues. We now help them with maintaining their website and continuing to keep their SEO in tip-top shape.

If you would like to improve your SEO, contact us today for a free consultation. Our SEO experts are ready to help!


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