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  • Fidus Construction Website example
  • Fidus Construction Website example
  • Fidus Construction Website example
About This Project

Fidus Construction

Fidus Construction had an overly cluttered site with navigation that didn’t make sense. Our job was to clean up the site, give it a new layout and interface and simplify the experience for users. Not only that, they needed to add new, never seen before content to the site.


One of the main concerns for the managers of the site, was ownership. We decided to build the Fidus site on WordPress to better help the content creators of the company. This would make changes easy and simplify adding images to the site. As a construction site, it was important to highlight the company’s capabilities and services with images.


Once the site was finished it was a complete turn around from the previous site. They were able to show off services at conferences, bring in new clients and give pointers to the homeowner in need. They were able to show off the brand along with their ties to the community.

Visit their home page here