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  • CareerMatch Website example
  • CareerMatch Website example
  • CareerMatch Website example
  • CareerMatch Website example
About This Project


The Startup Weekend Plan

CareerMatch was an idea pitched during Startup Weekend, hosted by Geekdom. With our CEO being a member of the randomized team, she decided to take over the website and prototype design and build. Marshall, the man with the plan and pitch, has a vision in mind and a user experience that needed to be maintained.

With start-upsĀ being a specialty for us, Stefanie jumped on the website first and laid out a “how it works” and a “why you should” care approach to the site. StefanieĀ decided the simplest way to get the most information across the user experience was to build a single page for the application.

At the bottom of this page, you can check out the prototype for yourself and learn more about the CareerMatch application and goal.

Visit their home page here