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Itapara at San Japan

For the last ten years, San Japan has been working hard to become a choice anime convention in South Texas. Every year the number of guests that walk downtown San Antonio in cosplay and anime gear increases! This doubles for the number of users that visit their website. As traffic started to increase, the team at San Japan started to notice that they needed to scale their online presence as much as their con was. When Innov8 met San Japan they had already started to rebrand, but they also needed to rebuild.


First, San Japan needed a site that is user-friendly. Lucky for them, that’s our expertise. Their old site had a large and complicated menu. We created a streamlined menu and trimmed down page count. There was a lot of information spread out through the site so, we condensed content and designed it in a way that bettered the user story. We also organized all of the beautiful art that talented artists have created throughout the years into galleries that didn’t clutter up pages.


Next, we wanted to clear out the back-end. Their previous site had way too many plugins and updating them became a dangerous game. We weeded out plugins that were outdated and made sure the ones we kept were needed. Now, they are seeing improved speed and load times without all of that extra code running in the background.


Most importantly, we built them a site that was going to be mobile friendly. Not only is this a must-have for any company, being a convention San Japan’s attendees need to be able to access panel schedules, meet times, and more while on the go. Our mobile-optimized design doesn’t lose usability or style when viewed on different devices.


San Japan now has a website that can be easily managed and scale with them. Users can effortlessly move from each page as needed and can access this information on any device. The Innov8 team was able to rebuild and redesign a site that was going to be both user and owner friendly, all while adding prestige to their new brand. Now, San Japan can build both their attendees and online presence at the same time.

San Japan’s Website Redesign and Rebuild

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