Mach 1 Services is a company that is working hard to change the roadside assistance industry. When they came to Innov8 they were on the tail end of their journey towards launching their services. Unfortunately, their website was not even close to being able to handle that journey. We took one look at the backend of their current site and knew that we could rebuild it for their current and future needs.


We knew that their design was great and needed to stay put. But, we could tell that the theme they had set in place was not WordPress friendly. It didn’t allow for a lot of things to be updated as often and as easily as a growing company needed them to be. Our end goal for the rebuild of Mach 1 Services was for them to have a total take over.


We changed their outdated and stubborn theme to something more up to date and WordPress friendly. We made sure to install some plugins that allowed for increased usability both for the administrators but also for all of their future users. Mach 1 Services had a lot of content that was full of SEO potential. We kept that intact and on brand for them but installed YOAST to help them start to see the benefits of such great content.


As a growing business ourselves we know how important it is to be able to change when the time called for it. So for this project, we were able to use our first-hand knowledge to help Mach 1 Services reach towards their goals and beyond.

Mach1 Services Website Rescue