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Burger Boy came to us just before they were going to expand to a second location. As a San Antonio staple, this growth spurt was a long-awaited one. They also came to us needing a website built from the ground up, so of course, we were happy to take on that challenge. There has always been a stylish simplicity to Burger Boy and we wanted to keep that for the design. They needed a site that was easy to access and was just as straight forward as they are.


In ensuring that we were able to capture Burger Boys generation long brand, we partnered with design gurus at  Gensler. Together we built them a custom two-page design that reflects their retro feel. The mouthwatering menu needed to be front and center. With this design, we were also able to showcase eye-catching photos of just some of the delicious food they serve up every day. With that new location, they were going to need to expand their team so by making the second page their application we made it an easy switch to go from customer to team member.


Not only does Burger Boy have a sleek streamlined website but they also have a much bigger outreach than before. Ensuring that they can continue to grow their customer base through many more generations to come.

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