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Porter White is a financial advisory firm in Alabama. They strive to help clients make informed financial choices in business, institutions, and family matters. As a company, Porter White is focused and precise in their work. However, they did not have a website that reflected that. They were in need of a full redesign to match their professionalism! So, we teamed up with Toolbox Studios on their design and brought their new vision to fruition.


Porter White’s initial website appeared to be three separate websites. This lead to the extremely poor user experience. Since someone would have to jump around to find any information on the services or employees that they might need.


As for the backend of their website, Porter White had been using a WordPress theme that made it difficult to modify anything to their specifications. So for them it was just a headache if they ever had to update their portfolio or add someone to their roster of advisors.


First,  in order to increase user experience, we created a clear and cohesive sitemap and went to work! With users in mind, we made sure that pages linked together more thoroughly than before. This allows for someone to jump around the site with ease. The can go from the services Porter White offers, to learning about the qualified team, to blog posts pertaining to financial advice, and much more. We consolidated three seemingly separate areas into one large hub for financial advisory.


Finally, we switched out their old theme for a more modern, customizable theme. We made sure that once we handed it back over to them they would be able to make content changes more easily.


With our work completed for them, we are sure that with this redesign Porter White will be able to truly showcase not only their extensive portfolio but also their incredible team.

Porter White Website Redesign

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