iNNOV8 helped take an average medical blog and transform it into a professional website. Web design is not what I went to school for, however, the vision and communication provided by iNNOV8 has been phenomenal in growing my brand.


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Meditation Cushions Fit to Your Lifestyle

Since the start of Mello{be}, the startup focused on adding comfort and removing pain from meditation, has grown beautifully into success. That growth has led to additional pillows, new designs and colors, and an avid customer base but the website was still stuck in the startup’s early days. With thin content, no way for customers to purchase easily online, and an outdated design the website needed help reflecting the growth of the company.

Rewriting and Reviewing Content For SEO

The content on the old Mello{be} website was written well but not written to be impactful for SEO. Starting with both keyword and competitor research our team came up with a content strategy that will help the site increase visibility in search results and help broaden the audience. Then, going page by page iNNOV8 worked alongside Mello{be} to enhance content to maintain brand identity but add in keywords.

Refreshing The Design

With the design we wanted to elevate the previous site into something more recognizable and help sell the mission of mindfulness. Using muted colors, flowy backgrounds, and real photos of REAL customers using the product, our team really wanted to make the website fluid and easy to use. By allowing the photos of the meditation pillows to really stand out, we know users will be sold the moment they land on the website.

Simplified Shopping

One of the must needs that Mello{be} had is a way for users to easily shop straight from the website. The two features we knew the website needed was an organized shop page where customers can browse and see each product and a checkout system that wasn’t complicated. For an extra feature, there is a side cart that can always be managed by the user no matter what page they are on.


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