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Database, Website
About This Project


Educate210 is a new program in San Antonio that will connect teachers across the US with schools in San Antonio. Education Partners in San Antonio will work with Educate210 to solve the demand for better education opportunities and placement. Their goal is to create ways for schools and teachers to engage and build better outcomes and opportunities for local students.


As a brand new program, they were looking to start a bit of their branding and work on their presentation. We worked with Burnam Gray who created the sites branding, UI/UX, and mockups. While the branding was being created, iNNOV8 Place worked on the backend database and custom theme options. Also, Lorne Barfield created an application process that populates a database. The database holds the applicants with their information that helps partners place them in jobs within the city of San Antonio. Each applicant has a profile for updating and maintaining their status. We worked to create an easy to use design for users and site administrators while Burnam Gray created a unique design.


Going forward, we will be working with the Educate210 crew to maintain the design and database. We will also be working to bring additional information to the site. Our hope is to help connect more teachers with the city in easier ways.


In Addition to the building of the website, iNNOV8 Place is now helping Educate210 process their analytics and demographics to build their audience and reach. This will help them spend their marketing dollars more effectively. Also, we currently maintain the site with monthly updates to the WordPress platform, their plugins, and the design.

Visit Educate210 here