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GARSC is a perfect example of a simple yet effective website. Specializing in residential repair and maintenance, GARSC prides themselves on their consistency and attention to detail. Unfortunately, the found their own site lacking. Matt Leschber came to us with the need for someone to rebuild and help maintain his site. Over the last decade, GARSC had gone through a few web contractors, but had no luck in creating lasting online growth. The site was difficult to navigate and riddled with bugs and errors, causing them to lose out on many client opportunities. Not only did we update their website, we have also been able to keep their website running smoothly with regular maintenance and reports on their SEO.

User-Friendly Websites Improve Your Brand

We rebuilt the website to be completely user-friendly. We made it possible for users to see any information they needed about GARSC in simple page layouts. Additionally, we were able to create a simplified service catalog with integrated contact forms. From there, we set up a deployment schedule, thus further helping GARSC’s business flow. We also helped to tidy up their portfolio and create albums that are easily accessible and clean. Furthermore, iNNOV8 added ADA compliant widgets to help their website’s users to turn on contrast and adjust font size.  

Hire A Professional to Handle Regular Maintenance 

When you are building a business, you can’t micromanage, as Matt puts it. It made sense that GARSC would choose to hire someone to manage their regular maintenance. iNNOV8 gave them a functional and user-friendly website that allowed their business to grow and thrive. We were able to give them the same attention to detail in their website’s maintenance. According to Matt, tech moves too fast, so it is important to hire someone whose job it is to take care of maintenance. By doing so, you give yourself an upper hand. GARSC has been focused on growing as a company while the website continues to inform potential clients. The upkeep of the site rests in our hands.

Good SEO Health Helps Your Business Grow

Once we revamped their website, we also worked on their website’s SEO. This gave GARSC a new edge on their search engine rankings. Initially, their SEO health was suffering. GARSC’s website was not taking advantage of keywords, and it was rife with errors. Their SEO health began to improve almost instantly once their initial keyword research was done and any errors were dealt with. Their site began ranking on search engines and this increased their incoming clients. 

Continue Improvements to Your Site For Continued Growth

The rebuild of the site, maintenance, and SEO health has improved GARSC’s online and real-world presence. GARSC is sure to maintain their growth and look forward to a bright future in residential services by investing in consistent improvements and maintenance. If you find that your site could use some TLC, please contact us today for a free consultation.


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