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Doctor Margaret Mann Zeballos is passionate about bringing affordable healthcare to you and “cutting out the middleman.” Alamo Heights Direct Primary Care is built on reliable medical services close at hand. AHDPC are always available via text, phone, email, or in person.

AHDPC came to us with nothing but an idea when it came time to create a website. We customized the site to suit her needs: quick and intuitive access to information about their services. A modest and effective website mirrors their simplified approach to modern healthcare.


A Modest, Yet Bold, Design

iNNOV8 Place helped Doctor Mann Zballos to design the website from the ground up. The site had to be easy to navigate for front and backend users. Additionally, we selected gentle and calming colors to create a beautiful website. Clean menus display AHDPC’s pricing, services, location, and frequently asked questions.

Healthcare websites are often bogged down by too much information. Oftentimes, people can end up lost or confused by the onslaught.  iNNOV8 Place decided to break up the main services, homepage, and location information to help get users what they needed as quick as possible. Meanwhile, we used soft blues and grays with a heavy portion of white space in the design. This made for easy reading and scrolling for AHDPC’s users.

For example, the home page contains quick bites of info anyone would need about AHDPC’s business at first glance, all while presenting it in an organized fashion. The FAQ page implements the accordion-style list in order to follow through with the organization focused design. It is important to remember that overloading your reader with details can often alienate them from your site.


Make Your Message Direct

We also went to work on designing a logo to place on their website. We wanted a logo that would help to emphasize their business’ no-nonsense and hassle-free style, so we allowed the logo to be fairly straightforward. Presenting AHDPC’s name with the word “Direct” center stage brings forth a sense of confidence that can resonate with the viewer. Keep your logos simple, clean, and “direct” to help boost confidence in your brand.


Continued Support for Your Website

We work hard to communicate with our clients at the beginning, middle, and through the launch of your website building and design process. Where AHDPC is concerned, we still work with them closely to bring them the site they want. We are still working closely with them to build up their site through continued WordPress maintenance and page additions.

If you are interested in taking on some of these methods or want to launch a streamlined and professional site, contact us for a free consultation today!


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